Annual Energies 2021

4th February 2021 started the New Solar Year

It is the 1st day of the New Feng Shui Year of 2021 , the Year of the Metal Ox

The Feng Shui Year does not follow the Chinese Lunar New Year which starts on Friday 12th February 2021.

The locations of the Annual Flying Stars will be in their new sectors and above is the map of their new locations.

Some of the Flying Stars are more challenging depending on the influence it has on the Natal Flying Stars in your home. The most negative influences to watch out for is the Annual 5, the Star of Peril in the South East sector, Annual 2, the Star of Illness in the North and Annual 3, the Argument Star in the South West.

So wherever these Stars lend on your property, they will exert some negativity. In order to deplete their strength place Metal in the South-East and the North. Salt Water cure is good or some heavy Metal weights of up to 20kg will help depending on the area.

Candles or large red rug are good remedies to deplete the negative energy of the Annual 3 in the South West.

Most importantly if your door is in the South East this year be very wary, avoid renovations and banging the doors. Use another Entrance if possible. If you do need to have renovations, please contact me for a specific range of dates to start the project. Fees will apply

As Annuals 1, 4 and 6 are fairly neutral and can exert positive energy. If you have someone having difficulties in studies or up for exams, place them in the Annual 1 in the South or Annual 4 in the East.

Annual 7 is negative so be serious about your possessions if you have it lying around in the North West as they could be stolen. This is also a violent Star so be careful about fights. Place a black floor rug if you think this is happening too often around you or just a large bowl of still water.

Consider opening up the windows wherever the Annual 8 is as apart from bringing favourable opportunities it has the ability to appease the negative Stars so exposing it to the rest of the house is very useful.

Finally we come to the Annual 9. This Star is slowly coming to be of the most influence as Period 9 is emerging as the new Ruler for the next 20 years starting from 2024. This Star brings happiness, inspirations, good news and events, and also tends to be spiritually inclined so spending more time in the North East especially if you are feeling down and depressed would be good.

WORKING FROM HOME: If you are working from home, working in the areas where the good stars are is encouraged. Annual 8 may give you better opportunities, Annual 6 for getting things done or pushing for promotion but you will have to work hard though, Annual 4 for more creativity and learning new skills, Annual 1 if you are looking for someone to give you a hand or help with a project.

DIGGING AND RENOVATIONS: In addition there are locations outside of your property that you should avoid any digging and renovations. The direction is the location of the Grand Duke which is in North East 1 between 22.6°and 37.5°. The same applies to the opposite direction which is in South West 1 between 202.6°and 217.5°as stirring the ground may bring serious health and wealth issues. Another location to avoid is the East sector.

If you do need to, contact me and I can give you a specific range of dates related to your property to start the digging. Fees will apply.

CHINESE ASTROLOGY & PERSONAL LUCK: Predicting the influences of the Year of the Ox on individual’s luck is not practical as each one of us have 4 Pillars in our Destiny, the Year, the Month, the Day and the Hour and the Ox may have an interaction with each of these Pillars. The majority of predictions from the media cannot give you the full forecast without knowing your chart. It is extremely generalized.

However one of the things that you do need to watch out for is that it has a very negative influence for anyone who has a Goat (born after 4th Feb 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015) in their chart. If the Goat is in your Year it affects your general luck and you may not have a smooth Year and may even bring up some health issues. If it is in your Month then your focus in life may have issues and may be your career as well. In your Day Pillar it will be your Health, your foundation, your home and your spouse. If it clashes with your Hour Pillar then your children, career and your dreams may have some issues this year. For a remedy to combat the ill effects of the Ox, I usually recommend a blood donation, dental cleaning, a donation to a charity or a visit to a Taoist Temple to appease the Grand Duke of the Year if you are so inclined.