Chinese Astrology is the study of a person’s destiny and their life path by making a 4 pillars of 8 characters chart from their date and hour of birth and using the Chinese Metaphysical foundational theories of Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Through the interaction of these Yin and Yang Elements it can give you an indication of:
  • what your character is like
  • what you want to focus or achieve in life (whether intentionally or unintentionally)
  • what you like to do in terms of career (this may or may not be suitable for you, but your chart can give you an indication of what you should be more successful in)
  • how you relate to the family, friends, subordinates and superiors
  • what can change your luck (clashes of elements)
  • what is your emphasis at different stages of your life
  • what you can expect from marriage and partner
  • what is your relationship with children if any
  • wealth opportunities
  • which part of your body may be prone to health issues
  • your ambition (or none) and authority issues (if any)
  • what possible positive or negative fortune can come at different ages of your life, usually at every 10 years interval
  • And more…

This is what is known as Heaven’s Luck given to you the moment you take your first breath. 

It is not foretelling, but gives you the probabilities and possibilities that can manifest through the interaction of the Yin or Yang of the 5 elements. They are not set in stone as there are other factors that may change it, mainly the influence of energies in your house and your personal choices. 

This ancient study of Chinese Astrology, known also as BaZi (8 characters) or Four Pillars of Destiny, came from centuries of observation by the ancient Masters of the influence of the planetary system and the seasons on the people.

Heaven Luck is only one type of Luck. The theory in Chinese Astrology is that a person’s Fortune is influenced by 3 different types of Luck.

The most important is Heaven Luck which is their Destiny Luck which makes up of 40% of their luck; then Earth Luck from the Feng Shui of the environment they spend a lot of time in, whether it’s their home or where they work and this is another 30% and last but not least is the Man Luck which is Human Action, education from parents or school and their karmic actions. The choices you make through Man Luck can modify your life. 

The Chinese Astrology Natal chart is a good method to see the probabilities of your life from birth to old age, projecting the weaknesses and strength of the person, like doing a SWOT analysis of your life and with this knowledge you can use it to your benefit by creating a more balanced life.

The following is a typical chart with the 4 Pillars and 8 Characters:

Here is an extract of a reading for the chart of J K Rowling (author of Harry Porter series) the Birth date taken from

Ms Rowling was born in the Year of the Snake and the Day of the Yang Fire.

Her fundamental characteristics would be that of a Yang Fire person and a bit of the Snake, unlike the yearly predictions of magazines etc. She’ll have minor traits of the Snake but more of a Fire Person and because she has a lot of the Earth element in her chart she will have lots of traits of Earth characteristics.

Fire people are vibrant, warm-hearted, can be explosive and lose their temper easily but they do not tend to accumulate anger. They can be spiritual and believe in esoteric knowledge. Because she has lots of Earth elements she is a nurturer as well.

The Earth element is her Output, her ability to create, her intelligence and her ability to make money. Because she as lots of Earth, her ability of making money is high but this does not surface till she is in her 20-40 years of age…

Her 2 Nobleman in reference to her Day Pillar is the Rooster and the Pig. If her Hour of birth is correct then she was born with a Nobleman Star (Pig) in her chart, meaning that she has been blessed with someone who will bring her support in her dreams and desires. Because the Pig is in her Hour Pillar she may not experience the benefits a bit later in her life. The Hour Pillar represents children, desires, ambitions.

In 1993, Year of the Rooster (another Nobleman Star) she had her first child, and this child would have triggered her Nobleman Luck, giving her 2 Noblemen lucks in her life now.

The Earth element is her Output, her ability to create, her intelligence and her ability to make money. Because she as lots of Earth, her ability of making money is high but this does not surface till she is in her 20-40 years of age…

In 1997 she began the Luck Pillar of the Yin Fire Pig (her 2nd Pig Nobleman influence) so this 10 year Luck Cycle would have been very blessed for her in terms for support for all her endeavours as she now has 3 Noblemen in her life, from her Natal Chart, her child and now the Luck Pillar. Now, her Fire element was strengthened due to the additional Fire elements and she would have been able to handle all the Earth elements (which previously could have slightly depleted the Fire) in her chart so her ability to create and make money was increased.

1997, a Yin Fire Ox year, clashed with her Month Pillar of the Goat meaning action/movement/changes. Month Pillars represents career and her business endeavours. It was the year her 1st book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released and the rest is history.

Ms Rowlings used her Output (Earth) which is her creativity; her writing abilities to create her Wealth as apart from Output, Wealth and Resources aspects can trigger Wealth opportunities.

Above is only a little bit of data that can be seen out of the Date and Hour of Birth of J. K. Rowlings. Of course not everybody with the same birthdate would have the same outcome. She just made use of her given ability at the right time to trigger her wealth.