Feng Shui energies awareness for Covid-19 solutions for home self-isolation:

As most of us are spending so much time in our homes we have to make sure that our home’s energies are harmonious and may not create health issues, arguments or accidents.

If your main entrance, bedrooms or even balcony doors are located in this direction then you must make sure you deplete the annual negative energy. Take a compass reading and see where the direction is coming in front of you. It’s 358° as per this picture. This would be a North location. If using Android or an Apple app, be careful that there is not too much interference. Best would be to use a real compass.

In 2020 the most dangerous areas are the East, the South and the North.

In the East we have the ‘Perilous’ energy that may create really bad health, bad issues, accidents and really negative energy and if you cannot move away from the area, then you must remedy it with a salt water cure.

Salt water cure: in a glass or ceramic bowl, place 1 cup of pure rock sea salt.  Place 6 coins on top of this salt and add water to cover the coins. Place it on a plate. Leave it in a quiet place untouched. Replace water when dry but try not to touch it as it contains negative energy. The salt will crystallize but do not try to flake it off. Discard and replace the entire item every 3 months, if possible on the time of the Equinoxes and Solstices and or New Year. Do not use your fine china or crystal ware as the whole item must be discarded every 3 months.

If you have pets, the alternative would be to place some really heavy round and pure metal or golden objects.

In the South, there are higher chances for you to fall sick if you have a bedroom or you spend a lot of time here.  Place a round Himalayan salt lamp and or Metal Calabash or a pure metal vase that resembles a calabash.

Image result for metal calabash

In the North, this year will be the area where a lot of arguments may manifest, especially if everyone is spending time together in the same space. A simple solution is to place a red rug or a pair of red lamps. Just make sure the red is very prominent in the area.