South East sector in April 2021

This is a short notice for those who have their Main Entrance and or Door, Bedrooms or where you spend a lot of time in, Monthly Flying Star # 2 will be moving to the South East sector where the Annual # 5 is residing this year, in April.

Annual 2 is the Illness Star and Annual 5 is known as Star of Peril, they are 2 of the most negative energies in the Flying Stars system and when they converge together it has the potential to create issues with health and potential wealth issues as well.

The Monthly Star will be moving in position on or around the 4th or 5th of April and will be there for 29 days.

Try to avoid using the area if possible. Find an alternative door or room, otherwise make sure you have the Salt Water Cure in place and lots of Metallic elements like pewter, silver or gold vases or even weights (weightlifting) of up to 20kg depending on the size of the room. Place it within the sector.

The best day to place the cures will be on 2nd or 3rd April 2021