Major transition fromPeriod 8 (2004-2023) to Period 9 (4th February 2024-2043)

This major shift will not only influence homes, businesses but has the potential to change general attitudes across the world population.

We are less than 3 months away from entering into a new Period in Feng Shui energies in the Xuan Kong Flying Stars system of assessing energies. As this is part of a major influence, it is important that our properties are well equipped to receive these new energies.

The official start date for Period 9 will be on 4th February 2024.

In the San Yuan Flying Stars system method of Feng Shui the Time Periods used are 9 x 20 year cycles, a total of 180 years per era. Currently we are in Period 8 that started in 2004 and will finish on 3rd February 2024 and Period 9 will begin.

There will be a major change in energies in the environment within our homes and any type of occupied building and this will happen on a global scale. Some energies which were negative may turn favourable; others who were positive may not be as favourable.

This shift of energy may decide whether each property is moving into favourable or unfavourable Fortune. 

In Period 8 the focus of the era was to create Wealth and Abundance in everything, especially for the young males in their twenties. We have seen it happen in the last 20 years, especially young male entrepreneurs becoming multi-millionaires and unfortunately Greed was also prominent. This does not mean that this will stop but it may not be as prominent as people will tend to think that there’s more to life than wealth. 

The prominent element will be Fire and the Ruling Flying Star is 9, the Purple Star

The trend will be more towards happiness; mindfulness; female power, especially the middle-aged female will be more celebrated for their skills and ability to drive things forward. This already has been visible where we have many women at the top of some major corporate Australian organisations like the CEOs of Reserve Bank, Qantas and the NSW Police Commissioner are amongst the few that I can think of.  

People will be more inspired, creative and innovative; hence there may be leaps and bounds in AI and other advances which have the potential for great celebrations all across the world. 

Flying Star #9 also makes people happier and enhances good relationships as well as promotes the birth of more children (which may be good for countries worried about declining population such as Japan) 

This major shift of Feng Shui energies has the potential to influence across the world. The focus will no longer be on where the Flying Star #8 is located but where the Flying Stars #9, #1 and #2 are located because they will be the Current, Future and distant Future Prosperity Stars bringing affluence and most positive energies, and ‘the’ Flying Stars to engage as they have the potential to bring Good Fortune. 

The focus then is to see where the locations of these Stars are in all buildings and the most desirable would be at the front door, or if they are somewhere else, can they be activated or whether they are ‘locked’ or ‘blocked’. 

If they do not flow freely, what alternatives can be done to activate them in order for the property to receive good Fortune.  

Of course Flying Stars are not the only method for assessment as there a few other systems which can be used to bring Good Fortune but Flying Stars are the ones when activated properly have the fastest outcome.

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Lizette Akouri

Accredited International Feng Shui Master 

Creative Feng Shui