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is an ancient art of adjusting the influence of energies in a building to improve the well-being of those that live within the…
is the study of a person’s Destiny. This is what is known as Heaven Luck. This ancient study…
is selecting a date for a major event to go smoothly with as little hindrances as possible, has…
About Feng Shui
About Feng Shui

Feng Shui practice over the years has had a bad rap and the brunt of many jokes. Many still think of it as superstition, but millions of Chinese, South East Asians (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan), South Asians like Indians (Vastu Shastra), Japanese and Koreans find the applications benefiting and the applications work.

There are various schools of Feng Shui, some modern, some extremely New Age, but consistently those that include the Traditional teachings on the basic foundation with the theories of Yin and Yang, 5 Elements and the Bagua can give better results. There are now schools in the USA and Europe that teach the Traditional methods as well. Traditional studies are all pretty similar but of course there are New Age schools that have simplified the methods and have veered off mainstream traditional knowledge. But, if the methods work and believing in it can create a life that you want to achieve then it is great, the ultimate objective is to create a harmonious life.

Early Heaven Bagua ArrangementThis ancient knowledge started with the rudimentary methods of applications was used mainly to protect villages from floods by changing and moving river flow by tribal leaders around 4000 years ago. Over the centuries, the practice has evolved due to the ancient sages’ observations and movements of the Planets, Stars and the formation of the land including mountains, rivers and lakes on the people. Originally the practice was aimed for burial sites, where it is believed that if you bury your parent in a correct and auspicious direction, up to 3 generations of descendants would benefit from great wealth, fame and multiple descendants. Many Chinese emperors were buried using these methods.

The majority of believers or practitioners are those that only want to achieve an unruffled life without upheaval or difficulties where they can achieve good health and have wealth opportunities for that extra something in their lives and especially the welfare of their children’s lives.

Feng Shui applications do not make millionaires! If it did there would have been hundreds of thousands of them out there. It takes a person born with a good Destiny layered with good timing for their actions and plenty of hard work, a good Feng Shuied house, very likely the support of a good mentor and a great deal of determination to make millionaires and billionaires, unless, you are borne into a rich family.

I am an International Accredited Traditional Feng Shui Master consultant with 20 years of continuous international studies of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Qi Men Dun Jia, and I Ching divinations, and have been a Feng Shui consultant for more than 10 years. My Feng Shui consultancy is from the San Yuan system of Feng Shui formulas and techniques include:

  • Form School (natural formations of the Earth’s surface from around the area)
  • Eight Mansions BaZhai method (the oldest form of assessment)
  • San Yuen Xuan Kong Feng Shui System which includes the assessment of Flying Stars; lay out; internal influence; Six Laws and I Ching influences.
  • Xuan Kong Purple White Script for apartments
  • Manipulating the energy using both micro and macro planning
  • I Ching house number forecasting
  • Plum blossom divination on house number influence
  • Strategic placement of remedies down to the degrees
  • Date Selection for activation and events

Residential properties and business properties have different methods of applications:

For residential:

  • Main door
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen Stoves
  • Study/Home office

For Businesses:

  • Main door carries most of the weight
  • CEO’s office
  • Cash register
  • Kitchen Stove for restaurants

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Lizette’s professionalism and care from my initial consultation through to my assessment allowed me to make simple and effective changes to increase my good fortune and positive energy. I wish I called her sooner. I’ve definitely been recommending her services to all my family and friends. ~ Melinda D., NSW

I recommend consulting Lizette as she follows traditional principles of Feng Shui but provides modern solutions. I find her suggestions easy to follow. ~ Susan C., Perth WA