Feng Shui services

Each consultation include on or offsite assessment (business; residence; office; retail shop), report and recommendations

Feng Shui applications are different for a business and a residence however all works on the principle that every single place that has a roof and 4 walls has energies from the Heaven (Planets) and the Earth energies and depending on what the area it is used for either the Yin or the Yang energies influence the occupants in the room.

Depending on the direction of the property, when the building was built and the energy of the people who live there, the interconnection between Heaven, Man and Earth can have a good or a negative outcome.

The main door, bedrooms, kitchens are the most important areas. Solutions are various from moving bed locations, bedrooms (changing the room from an inactive to an active room), placing remedies like Fire elements, Metal elements, Wood elements, or Water elements. Sometimes it can be costly like changing a window to a door or completely closing off a door. The objective is primarily for health and then wealth and relationships.

However if creating wealth is your primary objective then we can boost your personal wealth energies if the conditions are right.

If sitting for an exam, becoming more creative, improving your children’s learning and creativity is your objective then we can do that too…

Retail stores, warehouses or factories, solutions can be changing the CEO’s office, Sales offices, changing or redirecting entrances, changing locations of the stove in restaurants or cash registers for retail store and if that is not possible remedies may help. Managing the CEO’s desk sometimes may be the only remedy by placing him/her in the “Position of Power”. Sales and Wealth will be the objectives

All assessment integrates the persons’ energies with the property’s energy, as one property may be good for one person but could be bad for another depending on the type of business and person’s year of birth.

For customers who choose not to have an on-site assessment can be done remotely as long as the property can be viewed from Google and a good direction of the property can be measured. So if you are in England, the USA, India or even China assessments can be done of your property using the same principles.


All fees are based on the size and levels the property has, and the number of people occupying the property.

Residence – from $500 (1-2 bedrooms) includes on-site assessment and written report and diagrams of correct placement of any recommendations and selecting dates for placement

Business – from $500 includes on-site assessment and written report for an office, small restaurant; additional fees for warehouse, factories, large corporations etc. and it includes diagrams of correct placement of any recommendations

Remote consultations – from $400, where there are no site visits (interstate, overseas, time-saving). There will be a written report and diagrams of recommendations. 

I use Google Earth, a very accurate online site to measure directions. This is used to confirm all of my directions on and off sites.

New House plansfrom $900 and includes up to 3 changes and Date Selection for demolition and move-in dates.

Real estate property remote evaluation – for a general outlook from $200 and this will include a summary report of good and bad points and advise whether there are solutions, and an additional $300 -$500 to check whether it is fortunate for those seeking the property.

I am based in Sydney but I usually travel anywhere to see my clients. Depending on the site there may be costs involved.


Chinese Astrology per reading – $140 for written report only. It includes character reading, analysis of marriage, career analysis, luck analysis etc.


Date Selection services – from $80 (includes – moving into new house; opening ceremony; wedding ceremony etc.) I do not select caesarean dates for child-birth as I believe that I have no right in choosing the Destiny of a human being


As a Feng Shui consultant, my assessments and recommendations are extensive and are based on Traditional calculated formulas from the San Yuen methods.

It may include all of the following methods:

  • Form School (natural formations of the Earth’s surface from around the area)
  • Eight Mansions BaZhai method (the oldest form of assessment)
  • San Yuen Xuan Kong Feng Shui System which includes the assessment of Flying Stars; lay out; internal features influence; Six Laws and I Ching influences. 
  • Xuan Kong Purple White Script for apartments
  • Manipulating the energy using both micro and macro planning 
  • I Ching house number forecasting
  • Plum blossom divination on house number influence
  • Strategic placement of remedies
  • Date Selection for activation

All of the above are important assessment methods to help create a well-balanced environment for the occupants focusing on health and wealth opportunities.

The fees are estimates; please contact me for a quote.