The Year of the Wood Dragon – Period 9


The Year of the Wood Dragon – Period 9

On the 4th of February 2024 begins the Year of the Wood Dragon and this day also heralds the beginning of a new Period in the Feng Shui era, Period 9. 

The era started in Period 1 on 4th February 1864 and will culminate in this Period, a cycle of 180 years. Another era will begin in 2044. 

With each Period brings different aspects and influences reflected from the Trigram that it represents. Period 9 is represented by the Li Trigram. The Trigram’s element is Fire and amongst some of the aspects that the Trigram represents are the middle aged woman, the heart and the eyes, fame and reputation. Therefore the Middle aged woman will come into prominence, issues with the heart and eyes will be more prevalent, well-being, spiritual pursuits, fame and reputation will be what people most desire. The prominent Flying Star 9 will be the Ruling energy for the next 20 years and the location of this Star in each household is important as it will decide whether wealth opportunities are favourable or unfavourable. This is the Earth influence on our Luck as in addition there are 2 other Lucks that influence us.

We are influenced by 3types of Lucks in our daily lives and annual movement of energy come around 4thFebruary and create changes to all our 3 Lucks:

1.    Heaven Luck (Astrology)

2.    Earth Luck (Feng Shui)

3.    Man Luck (Personal actions and Karma)

So whenever a New Year starts, we should take note what Animal Year (Heaven Luck) is, see how it interacts with our Astrology, what are the locations of the Annual Flying Stars (Earth Luck) as they may potentially affect the areas that we use, mainly the front door, bedrooms and study/office and what action we should take to make life go smoothly. 

From the Heaven Luck, the Wood Dragon brings with it additional Wood and Earth elements, so for those who need these elements in their chart to bring balance, it will be favourable but for those that do not need it, there will be challenges.

An additional Dragon for those that already have a Dragon in their chart may not be favourable as this may have the potential to make them lose confidence, volunteer to do things they are not happy with, may procrastinate and depending on where the Dragon is, in the Year, Month, Day or Hour as each carries a different meaning. Potentially Double Dragons may create mental obstacle, relationship issues (Fu Yin) and could create self-inflicted injury or health damage.

The Dragon affects those born in the Year of the Dog mostly or has the Dog Animal sign in their chart. This clash between the Dragon and the Dog is termed “Heaven & Hell” clash. It creates movement, changes, and sometimes it may bring a person to question their spirituality and their beliefs. In the example above the Dog is in the Hour Pillar so their children will be potentially affected as well as his aspirations and dreams will be affected.

The Dragon also affects the Rabbit and may make the person take more risk and create potential legal harm and offences.  In the above example the Rabbit is in the Month Pillar so the career and the business will be affected and make the person take more risk at work or business potentially create issues.  

The Wood element may mean different things to different people. It could mean wealth, ambition, resources, friends or their creativity. Wood also means awakening, growth, upwards and outwards, and creation and new beginnings.

The 2nd influence will be from the Flying Stars: the energy in your home and your work or wherever you spend a lot of time in. These are the new locations for the Flying Stars


Flying Star 1 will be in the East so it is great for those who want extra support for luck from mentors or seek a bit of extra intelligence or help with their studies.

Flying Star 2 will be in the South East. Although this Star is becoming positive it still bears the energy to trigger illness or inherent health issues. This can be depleted with Metal

Flying Star 3 will be in the Centre. So its aggressive behaviour may not be as strong as being in the Centre it means that its influence is ‘locked’ so there will be less conflicts and arguments at home in general.

Flying Star 4 will be in the North West for those who want extra help with their creativity and for those who want to pursue a romantic partner.

Flying Star 5 is the nastiest of them all and spending time here will potentially be influenced by set-backs in accidents and challenging health issues and money losses, especially if your door is in the West, potentially the most dangerous area for 2024. If it’s the main door or the bedroom, potentially it can create set-backs in health, loss of money and sometimes even bankruptcy. To deplete this energy place Metal in the area.

Flying Star 6 in the North East is good area to recuperate from recent ill health and also increase in status

Flying Star 7 can potentially trigger burglaries or thefts and violent fights, especially if it comes through your front door is in the South. 

Flying Star 8 is no longer timely but can still trigger some wealth accumulation and it will be in the North. 

Flying Star 9, the new Ruler of Period 9 will bring success, status and fame for those that spend time in the South West. It is the new ‘Money’ Star, meaning more opportunities for wealth.

Grand Duke and 3 Killings for 2024

If you do not do anything above, you must at least note the locations of the Grand Duke and the 3 Killings for 2024. 

These are the locations that one should not dig, drill, knock on the wall or disturb in the external part of your property. 

The Grand Duke in 2024 will be in SE1, the Year Breaker in NW1 and the3 Killings will be SE3, S2 and SW1. It is detrimental that no ground work be done in these directions as failing to adhere to it may result in set-backs to health and wealth and sometimes can be fatal. 

In addition the whole of the West is the location of the ‘Flying Star of Peril # 5’ so avoid internal renovations, loud banging or drilling walls this year in the sector as activating the energy in this area will create set-backs in accidents and challenging health issues and money losses. 

Bear in mind that these are potentials that can happen and solutions and placement or cures are ‘generalized’. 

There are specific cures for specific events and triggers. 

Ultimately if you are having issues with both your Astrology and the Feng Shui of your house, try to create good karma by doing plenty of charitable work, being kind to others will minimize some of the issues above or get the advice of a consultant with good knowledge of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Question their knowledge if in doubt. Not all Masters are ‘knowledgeable’.

I will be doing 2 presentations for the Burwood Library on 20th & 28th February 2024 if you are interested to attend for a bit more information. Check their website. 

May Good Fortune always follow you

Master Lizette Akouri

Accredited Feng Shui Master 

IFSA Singapore