Feng Shui consultant

Through many years of observation of the changes in the Planetary system and the observation of the landforms surrounding dwellings, ancient Chinese Feng Shui Masters discovered that they had an influence on the lives of the people. 

They subsequently discovered methods through trial and error to improve their lives and Traditional Feng Shui methods have since been used to manipulate these energies. 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Art of studying the flow of energy surrounding a building and manipulating these energies within the building to create good fortune in health and wealth.

This practice dates back to more than 4000 years in China and it has been used over the centuries and all over the world by people and businesses who seek to improve their circumstances. The energies have the potential to bring in auspicious energies to influence health and wealth which are the two most vital aspects for general wellbeing.

These energies are known as “Qi” or life-force

The influences are from the external environment of their immediate surrounding, like low or high elevated land, seas and rivers, and in an urban environment the highways, roads, buildings, swimming pools or any large body of water; although their influences are beyond our control, we have to learn to work with the influence of these external forms and the Qi they bring to the property by harnessing the positive and to shield or mitigate the negative.

The internal energies of the property are from the positioning of the internal features and from the Heavenly Stars locations. These energies’ influence depends on how a room is used, whether to sleep, to study, to eat, to entertain, to wash or for storage.

The most influential energy is carried into a building by people coming in and out of the Main door/entrance of building and is known as the ‘Mouth of Qi’. Energies can flow in through any doors or windows that link the external to the internal.

Important areas for a Feng Shui consultant to assess are:

  • main entrance/door
  • the kitchen stove where the meals are prepared
  • the bedroom where one spends up to 8 hours to sleep and re-generate
  • the study/office

It is necessary that all these areas are not blocked or cluttered as it can deplete the auspiciousness of good energy and augment the negativity of the unfavourable.

To create balance and harmony, natural items or symbolism from the 5 elements are used for enhancement or for reducing their influence.

The 5 Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood 

Other methods of creating balance may be

  • blocking the flow
  • changing the location of the affected feature/object
  • stop it from moving
  • or simply by changing how one uses the room

The main function of application for a Feng Shui consultant is:

  • to assess whether a property is not blocked from receiving external energy and can receive Qi
  • to assess what type of Qi is flowing to the main areas like Main door, kitchen stove, bedrooms or study/office 
  • to assess how this energy affects the individuals living in the property (calculated from their year of birth)
  • to manipulate the Qi using macro or micro processes
  • to deplete the challenging energies
Heaven man earth


 In Chinese Metaphysics we believe that a person is influenced by 3 different Luck. 

  1. From Heaven which is their Fate derived from their date and hour of birth; 
  2. From Earth which is from their environment, home and work (Feng Shui); 
  3. Personal actions which is their personal willpower, actions, choices, education and karma. 

Feng Shui is part of the Earth Qi and it affects about a third of a person’s life therefore the influences depend on how long one spends in the area whether at work or at home. 

When one spends a lot of time (more than 2-3 hours) in any one of the areas, it would be ideal to have good energy for their well-being in the area.

Schools of Feng Shui:

There are 2 main traditional schools of Feng Shui, the San He (3 Harmonies) School which are based mainly in landforms and usually takes a long time to be effective sometimes more than 20 years, and the San Yuen (3 Periods) School which includes landforms and it is time based therefore much faster to take effect. Usually 3 months to be effective.

 As a Feng Shui consultant, my assessments and recommendations are based on calculated formulas from the San Yuen methods.  It may include all of the following methods:

  • Form School (natural formations of the Earth’s surface from around the area)
  • Eight Mansions BaZhai method (the oldest form of assessment)
  • San Yuen Xuan Kong Feng Shui System which includes the assessment of Flying Stars; lay out; internal features influence; Six Laws and I Ching influences. 
  • Xuan Kong Purple White Script for apartments
  • Manipulating the energy using both micro and macro planning 
  • I Ching house number forecasting
  • Plum blossom divination on house number influence
  • Strategic placement of remedies
  • Date Selection for activation

All of the above are important assessment methods to help create a well-balanced environment for the occupants to receive good health and wealth opportunities. It has taken more than 20 years to learn this from many, many great teachers.