Winter solstice in Australia & Salt Water cure

Winter Solstice in Australia & Salt Water cure
Salt Water cure

21st June 2017at 12:24 pm Winter Solstice will start! The most Yin day in Australia!

Ready to celebrate and welcome more Yang energy!

This year the annual menacing and challenging energy of fatalities is in the South sector. If you already have a Salt water cure there, or have lots of metallic round elements in that location, then this energy may have been depleted. If you have not placed any cures there, it may be a good idea to place one there as soon as you can.

If however you have a salt water cure in place, it is time to discard the old and replace it with a complete new one.  The best time to do this would be on the 21st June 2017, the day of the Winter Solstice.

It is vital that you do that as we move towards the month of September, the Annual 5 will be joining its twin menacing energy, named the Emperor, together they may produce double trouble and may emphasize the malevolence by bringing set-backs both in money issues as well as ill health. The area may be prone to accidents especially if it’s at the entrance to the property area.