Missing corner – Feng Shui applications

 Missing Corners – Feng Shui applications:

What constitutes a missing corner?

A missing corner is where a section of a property has a large chunk of the area completely missing or does not have a roof cover.

Missing corner
Missing areas in a house plan

So why are missing corners problematic?

Each property is divided into 9 different sectors and each sector has a directional influence, so if one sector is missing, there are potential for issues.

In Feng Shui each direction is represented by a person in the house: a mother, a father, eldest son or eldest daughter, middle son or middle daughter, youngest son or youngest daughter.

It is also represented by an aspect like wealth, helpful people, creativity etc.

There are potential for issues for that person if the area is missing.

For example, the North West represents the Father. It also represents the head of the family or the oldest person in the house. If it’s missing there is potential the Father is never at home, if he is at home, his authority is undermined, or he feels unsupported and unwanted.

It also represents a body organ or part, like stomach, spleen, heart, lungs, feet, eyes, mouth, limbs, skin etc.If a sector is missing there could be a potential for issues with those areas of the body for the residents.

There are solutions, but it’s always to better to avoid the issue then to solve the problem.