5 ways to bring good Feng Shui into your house

5 ways to bring good Feng Shui your home:
  1. Entrance should not be blocked by lots of plants. Especially when it’s hiding the doorway. Blocking the doorway with plants, shoes and paraphernalia may not allow energy to flow into the house. It will just bypass your property. It will move on to another property.  Flow straight pass. Avoid messy pathways, especially if you are in the habit of leaving shoes out. Place them in neat shelves. Throw out the chipped gnome, chipped pot or dying pot plant.

    Mirror on side of hallway
  2. Do not put Mirrors facing the Entrance doorway. You do not know what energies you are bringing with you into the house. If you like mirrors, place it on the side wall but not facing the door.
  3. f you have a direct path from the front doorway to the back doorway, block it with side tables or big round lamps.
  4. Sleep with a good solid bedhead. Apart from protecting you from possible EMF radiating from the wall, bedheads can give you a good solid support when you sleep at night to rebuild your cells.
  5. Do not place water features just anywhere in your house as you do not know what you are activating. There are good and bad energies floating around a property. If you activate a good energy it may bring you wealth but activating a bad energy can bring you set-backs, accidents and harm.
Basic things to create good Feng Shui

These are the basic things one can do to create good Feng Shui. If you are familiar with the Flying Stars check out the good stars to activate and the bad to deplete. If not engage a consultant as if you implement wrongly it could mean catastrophe.

A good location for wealth this year is the East but then do not dig any holes outside to place a water feature this year as it is the location opposing the Grand Duke and digging holes is a big no-no as it may cause lost of wealth and worse case scenario health issues.