House number 4

House number 4:

I have calls all the time about people worrying about house numbers mainly relating to any numbers with the 4 in it: 4, 14, 24, 41etc.

Number 4

The reason behind this is that no. 4 when pronounced in Chinese whether Cantonese or Mandarin is Si. This sounds like ‘Death’. This sounds very ominous.

However, the sound has nothing to do with the Feng Shui energies of the house. When the energy or Qi comes through and flows into your house, it does not read the number and brings death with it.

The energies of the house are influenced by the flow of the road, the neighbourhood buildings, the hills, the proximity of the river mouth, the proximity of a body of water and the influence of the Planetary system. The latter being the energy that is brought into the house.

These energies come into the property through doors and windows.

The Main influence of energies are brought into the property from the Main Door and depending what energies you carry into the house it will influence the rest of the building. These energies are inherent as soon as the building goes up and the roof put on. Then every year around the 4th of February when the new Solar system starts, the Planets change location and new energies come and impact the original energies.

There could be a synergy or there could be a disharmony and issues may arise.

The energies are allocated numbers and there are 9 in total.

  • 1- governs Intelligence and future investments
  • 2- governs illness and savings
  • 3– governs relationships, tempers and salesmanship
  • 4– governs relationships, arts and romantic or liaisons
  • 5- governs attitude, set-backs, misfortunes and accidents
  • 6-governs authority, power
  • 7-governs mouth, speech
  • 8- wealth
  • 9-governs success, promotion and future wealth

These energies have both a negative and a positive effect depending on time and location.

As per above # 4 could bring opportunities for romance, more influence from the literary Arts or may even bring an affair.

So in reality the number has no influence on the house.