Match Making #2

Match Making #2

One other match making method is finding out the elements in each others Astrological chart. If his or her chart has elements that the other person likes or needs then it is likely that their relationship will be good. However if the other person’s chart contains elements that he or she does not need, the attraction could be short lived and so would the relationship as there would not be too many things in common. Sometimes the relationships can be explosive as it will be constant fighting and no friendliness at all.

So how is this figured out?

To cut a long explanation short, the Chinese philosophy believes that the whole Universe is made up of 5 Elements. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. They are

Elemental Cycle

are not complimentary of each other. They have a supporting, a depleting and a controlling cycle.

See Chinese Astrology 101





Fire and Water elements do not get along together. Water wants to put Fire out!

Fire and Water clash






Metal and Wood elements do not get along well together either. Metal wants to chop the Wood !

Metal chopping Wood







When we plot a Chinese Astrology chart for a person, the chart contains the 5 elements and the Yin and Yang qualities of the elements. From the chart one can evaluate that a person may not have a certain element, or could have a lot of one element and not enough of others. One will find that majority of times in long term relationships the partners’ charts are usually complimentary.

Therefore in many cases when a partnership works well is when each partner needs each others elements or when each partner share the same qualities and are friends with each other.

This is basic Chinese Astrology 101.

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