Match Making #1


Ever wondered why some people have affinity with you and others do not?

Many times it is to do with their Chinese Astrological chart. Your Charts do not match!

In olden China, people use to make a living from matchmaking by comparing charts of different people.

There are a few methods and the 1st one is a CLASH relationship:

This primary one is relationship with people who are 6 years apart usually do not work.

The reason is because they will always clash with each, disagree with each other and may even fight with each other.

The reason behind this is that in Chinese Astrology there are clashes that occur between the Zodiac Animals and they are always 6 spaces apart.

Below is a diagram of a Chinese Zodiac Mandala of clashes:


Clashing Animals Mandala
  • Tiger clash with Monkey
  • Rabbit clash with Rooster
  • Dragon clash with Dog
  • Snake clash with Pig
  • Horse clash with Rat
  • Goat clash with Ox

There are different manifestations when they get together, it can be temperamental, psychological and even straight on fighting and not being able to get together.

If you are in a relationship with someone with this age gap, chances are there is an attraction but also a clashing relationship. It will not be smooth going.