Heaven Earth and Annual Flying Stars chart for 2017

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Heaven Earth and Annual Flying Stars Chart for 2017

In Feng Shui assessments all 3 charts have to be considered when looking at the Feng Shui of a property.

Heaven Chart:

It is the chart for this Period till 2023.

There are 9 periods for each 180 years cycle in Flying Stars, each last 20 years.

Period 1 – 1864-1883

Period 2 – 1884-1903

Period 3 – 1904-1923

Period 4 – 1924-1943

Period 5 – 1944-1963

Period 6 – 1964-1983

Period 7 – 1984-2003

Period 8 – 2004-2023

Period 9 – 2024-2043

At the moment we are in the last few years of Period 8 and its influence will start diminishing whilst influence of Period 9 will increase. There are 2 major schools of Feng Shui, San Yuan and San He, in San He Period 9 began this year 2017.

Earth Chart

It is the basis of all Flying Stars application. It is the Later Heaven Chart or the home ground of all the Flying Stars. It is considered as the Host for all the Flying Stars that come in from different Periods or different Years. Depending on the Star that lends on a particular sector,  it influences the strength of the Visitor Star. It can enhance it or it can deplete.

For example in 2017 Black Star No. 2 may bring Illness or disease issues to the North West sector. The North West sector is one of the homes of the Metal element and the Flying Star no. 7, and the no. 2 Black star is of the Earth element.

In the cycle of the 5 Elements Earth is depleted by Metal, hence the no.2’s strength will be slightly depleted. So Illness will not be a major concern in the sector. One would still deplete the energy with a Metal calabash just for precautions, better safe than sorry…

Annual Chart:

Every year, energies within a property change to a different location. As per diagram 1, one can see that the Center Flying Star is no. 1. It is an energy which relates to intelligence, distant wealth and investments, controls further education, social fame, powerful activator for promotions. Because it is in the Center of the property, its influence is diminished as it is the Controlling Star – the Supervisor, the Boss, the Go-to person. It has to look after all the rest of the Flying Stars.

The rest of the Stars will follow the Flying path and wherever it lands it will settle for the year till early February.

The Annual Flying Stars change locations around 3rd, 4th or 5th depending on each year. In 2018 it will be at 04:58 on 4th February 2018 the Start of Spring – Li Chung.