Activating the Wealth sector

Activating the Wealth sector:                                                          

In Feng Shui activating the sector where the Wealth energy is, could stimulate increased income for every person residing in the property, whether it is used for a home, business or working from home.

Direction of wealth sector
Direction of wealth sector

All properties have an inbuilt Wealth sector, the question is where it is. It is best in active areas where it can be stimulated and whoever spends time there carry it with them to other areas in the property.

It is best for the Wealth sector to be in an Entrance, Lounge and even Kitchens, but the worst locations would be the bathrooms, laundries or if it’s missing, just outside the property in a missing sector. If it’s in a bedroom, that would be tricky, unless you convert it into an active room.

Constant activity – is necessary for wealth to be stimulated hence best location is the Entrance as people move in and out and therefore constant activity. If it’s not possible then it can be in any clear active area without clutter.

The best way to stimulate a Wealth sector – would be the use of a fish tank or a water fountain. The fish tank or water fountain is best installed in a day that does not clash with the owners date of birth as if it is, the effect might not work well.

Selecting the date when the Heaven Qi (lifeforce) communicates with the Earth Qi and if it’s linked to the person living in the property’s energy is best.

It is best to spend a lot of time in the wealth area so that the energy can be carried with you where you go to. Combining the Wealth energies with other energies can sometimes create a much happier event like the creation of a child, literary ability and even fame.

Activating Wealth sectors for Business:

Wealth sectors should be the main focus for every business. This could mean between success or failure.

Where you place your sales team is vital. Placing them in the Wealth sector can mean your sales going up, up and up otherwise you could waste lots of money trying to improve your business if the right teams are not in the right areas.

Money growth
Activating wealth sector

Where you place your cash register/cashier is vital. Placing the cashier in the wealth sector can mean an increase in sales. Stimulation of both the prosperous and the wealth sector are the most vital areas that a business need to know for wealth.