Location of doors for Wealth and Health

Location of doors for Wealth and Health:


Typical brown door in Mykonos
Doors receiving different Qi

Location of doors are important as it may bring in Wealth energy or Health energy. The location of the Main door does not necessary have to align with the direction the house faces to get the best energy. Sometimes the side doors could bring better energy to the home. It could be on the side of the house facing the neighbors on either side. The garage door could bring in the best energy.

The Door is classified as the ‘Mouth of Qi’:

contemporary house red door and flowerpots, Athens Greece
Mouth of Qi

This area is important as everyone that passes through it, brings with them the type of energy that the door has and carry it with them to the rest of the house. So if you have good energy at the door, great! Fantastic if you have the Wealth energy, or the energy that can bring in Success and Promotions. Or even energy that encourages Intelligence or Creativity.

There are other energies that you can bring in with you as well, which might not be positive. The negative energies that you can bring with you are – arguments, robberies, authority issues or even marital affairs. Most of them may be fixed with the proper solutions.


Bedroom door direction

Location of bedroom doors also carry energy like the Main Entrance door and nearly the same solutions can be applied with a few exceptions. Never have plants or fish tanks in your bedroom.