Personal Good Directions

Personal Good Directions

Facing personal good directions may help in maximising your good luck opportunities.

In the Eight Mansions school of Feng Shui every person is classified as either a West person or an East person. Look at the table below to see which group you belong to: (If you were born between 1st January and 4th February  – use previous year’s number)

Male Gua
Male Gua Number
Female Gua
Female Gua Number

There is no Gua 5 so Males follow Gua 2 and Females follow Gua 8

East group are Gua 1 3 4 and 9

West group are Gua 2 6 7 and 8

Calculation of Gua is easy. All you have to do is add together the year of birth and reduce it to a single figure, then if you are Male subtract from 11 and Female add 4 and reduce it to a single figure again.

E.g. Born in 1956

1+9+5+6=21 then 2+1=3

For a Male 11-3=8 The Gua for a male born in 1956 is 8.

For females take 4+3=7.  7 is the Gua for a female born in 1956

The table below gives you the directions of the auspicious directions for you to sit when you are in your desk, or for you to sleep – with your head pointing to the right direction.

Auspicious directions
Personal Good Directions for Gua numbers

If you are facing or sleeping in other directions which are not your auspicious Gua directions, you may not be optimizing your opportunities. Best opportunities for health, romance, success in your projects and even general luck could be achieved when you are facing your best directions.

Sometimes if you are going through a challenging Luck cycle, where challenges keep coming up all the time or not everything is going the right way, perhaps you could try to sleep or face these directions for a few weeks and see what happens.