Balancing the five Elements

Balancing the five Elements:

Balancing the five Elements is one of the most important applications of Feng Shui arrangements. The application uses the interaction of the Five Elements to arrange a property to balance and harmonise it.

Supporting Cycle
Supporting cycle

The Five Elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

These elements interact which each other. There is a Supporting Cycle where ater feeds Wood, Wood feeds the Fire, Fire enhances the Earth, the Earth creates Metal and from Metal comes Water and the whole cycle begins.

Then there is the Controlling Cycle where Fire controls Metal’s ability to melt, Metal controls and chops Wood, Wood controls the Earth by growing roots, Earth controls Water and Water controls the Fire’s ability to burn out of control.

Controlling Cycle
Controlling Cycle of the Elements

Most of the solutions for Feng Shui Applications are based on the interaction of the above. Each element is used to enhance another or to deplete another depending what are the energetical qualities of the sector. This is a subtle way of managing the energies.

For Chinese Astrology a person’s destiny chart is made up of the 5 Elements which represents different Aspects and different family members so therefore different relationships. The aim of a consultant is to guide and balance the chart to optimize the person’s destiny so that the person may go through life without too many challenges. The Date and Hour of Birth creates a chart and from the chart the elements can be calculated.  This Chart forms the basis of a profile of a person and with the Chinese Astrology Chart the destiny of the person is profiled.

Charts elements
Elemental chart of a person’s destiny