Heaven man earth

Destiny Luck

It is generally believed that our Luck is determined by the day and hour of our birth, influenced by the Planetary System.

This is incorrect!

Our Birthday will only determine 30% of our FATE… as our DESTINY is influenced by our environment (Feng Shui) and by our own personal actions (Karma).

If everyone is influenced by our birthdate, then there should be more than one Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Lee Ka Shing or Jack Ma. They do not have unique birthdays as most of their birthdays are shared by hundreds and if not thousands others. The influence from their home, work environment and their own personal actions got them where they are.

The Chinese Astrology chart gives an indication of the Life Path and the layout of the opportunities, danger and health issues that may arise during a person’s lifetime. With this information at hand it’s up to the person to make the right decisions to capitalize the good times and minimize the potential bad times. The chart gives the potential areas of concern in terms of health, wealth and relationships.

Feng Shui of one’s home and work have approximately 40% influence on the Luck as the infrastructures within a building can determine the health and wealth of those living within the house. Placement of doors, windows, sleeping environment, bathroom and kitchen features and major electrical appliances can have a major influence on one’s own personal energy within a site.

Karma and personal actions including education, charity and mindfulness has another 30% influence on one’s luck.

So when one is dissecting the current luck one must look at both our

Heaven, Earth and Man influences altogether.

I, an Accredited Feng Shui Master with the International Feng Shui Association, may be able to advice you on these potentials, from the current Luck of your Chart through to the Feng Shui of your house and give you options on how to improve your Karma.