Feng Shui energies for the Year 2020

Every Year on 4th of February the Flying Stars energies move location to another direction, the following is a map of the energies for 2020:

The most important areas to focus on are the Main Entrance and Bedrooms.

If you happen to have the Main Entrance and the Bedroom in the East, then you should try to either not using the area or using an alternative, as otherwise you will be influenced by the Yellow Peril. This energy is the most negative of all Flying Stars as it brings accidents, set-backs and all sorts of challenges. If you have no options to move, then try to deplete the energy by placing a Salt Water Cure in the area:

Here are the instructions for the Salt Water Cure: in a glass or ceramic bowl, place 3 tablespoons of pure rock sea salt.  Place 6 coins on top of this salt and add water till halfway up the container. It is best to put it on a plate in case of spillage. Leave it in a quiet place untouched. Replace water when dry but try not to touch it as it contains negative energy. The salt will crystallise but do not try to flake it off. Discard and replace the entire item every 3 months, if possible around the time of the Equinoxes and Solstices and or New Year. Do not use your fine china or crystal ware as the whole item must be discarded every 3 months.


If you happen to have the Main Entrance and especially the Bedroom in the South, then this year you will be under the influence of the Illness Star. Again if you cannot move, you must deplete it. You can use a pair of Golden Metal Calabashes or anything round which is made of heavy metal like a vase, plate or even your personal weight lifting gadgets, but it must be made of pure metal.

For those that have Main Entrances and Bedrooms in the North West then this year you may have much better fortune. Just use it more often.

For those that have children that need a bit of help with their studies, the North East sector may be a good area to use.

For those that are looking for a bit of extra romance then the South West is the best area to activate. Activate it with a vase of fresh flowers. They must be regularly replaced as dying flowers may bring affairs.

For those wanting promotions perhaps you should spend more time in the West.

For those planning to do some external renovations, like ground breaking, chopping major trees & branches avoid it if you happen to have your Main Entrance in the North or the South or the digging area is in the North or South. The same applies for South East and South West.

Good luck!