Personal Gua

Your Personal Gua

Do you know how to work out manually your Gua?

A very easy method is to add up individually the numbers in your year of birth then reducing it to a single digit.

For males reduce the number from 11 and reduce it again to a single digit

For females add 4 to the number and reduce it again to a single digit if you need to and there is your Gua number.

The East Group are those with Gua 1 3 4 and 9 and those with Gua 2 6 7 8 are the West Group and those with Gua 5 it will be Gua 2 for males and Gua 8 for females.

So each year we have to be aware of what type of luck awaits us due to the Annual energy. We have to know what energy is landing in our own personal Gua Palace. This is another layer to the good fortune or bad fortune of a person’s luck.

So you have to be aware of what is landing in your person Gua Palace.

This is what is happening this year:

9 will not be associated with anyone as it’s in the Center

North West Gua 6 has Annual 1 which is a great combination as it forms a He Tu combo of Water

 West Gua 7 has Annual 2 so will be prone to being sick even though it also has a He Tu combo of Fire so if Fire is not favourable then there could be health issues.

North East Gua 8 has Annual 3 which may cause relationship issues but then it is another He Tu combo of Wood and because 8 is a good star, there may not be too many issues unless you are a child.

 South Gua 9 has Annual 4 which is also another He Tu combo of Metal. 9 usually amplify the guest star when it is not timely but as it is timely it may be good for those seeking romance.

 North Gua 1 has Annual 5. There is no combo but Earth combining with Water is not favourable…1 tries to control or erode the other. I would say there may be issues coming to those with a Gua 1.

 South West Gua 2 has Annual 6. This could bring mental stress as this is not a good combination and loss of energy.

 East Gua 3 has Annual 7. This is not a favourable combination has can bring injuries relating to car accidents or anything to do with metal and can also bring loss of trust and betrayals

 South East Gua 4 has Annual 8. This is a favourable combination as it can bring financial opportunities as 4 is Wood and 8 is Earth, which is money to the Wood element person.