What are the concerns for your house for 2019?

In Feng Shui the timely energies of a building are represented by Flying Stars. They change locations around 4th February at the beginning of Spring in the Chinese Solar Calendar. This year it will coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Pig which starts on 5th February 2019. Each Flying Star influences a different aspect in relation to health, wealth, relationship and external attacks. Some of the Stars has more influence than others depending on where the new locations of the Stars land.

In 2019 Wealth opportunities are stuck as the Wealth energy is in the Center of the building, whether it is a home or a business. This may mean no gains or moving forward with your money. If you have the Main door and the Center of the building in a direct open path then it may be better. The current downturn in the value of homes in Sydney and in Melbourne is showing signs of this. There are methods that you may RELEASE this but the building/house has to meet certain conditions. Otherwise nothing much can be done except to wait it out.

The North will be a good area for anyone contemplating taking exams or studies, it will be great to spend more time there as the Literary Star is being supported in the Palace of the Water making it great for studies. Money conditions will be good here too as this energy is also classified as Future wealth.

Flying Stars 2019

The South West sector is the worse sector to be in so if your entrance, bedroom or office is in this sector, it will be an extremely challenging area where you may be prone to accidents, health issues and lots of money set-backs. If you cannot avoid the area place large round and heavy metal objects like vases, bowls or even round heavy weights in the South West sector of the room. A salt water cure here is good as well. To set up a salt water cure, place rock salt in a round ceramic bowl or glass, place 6 coins on top of the salt and pour water over it to cover the coins. Replace the water when needed. Replace the whole item every Solstice and Equinox. The Metal will deplete the energy. Avoid renovations or slamming the door if your main door is in this direction.

The other sector to be weary of is the North East as those who stay there may be more prone to be sick. Placing Metal elements here will help.

Other areas to be weary off is the North West between 322°- 338° as this is the direction of the Grand Duke for the year. Offending the Grand Duke is a no-no as it could lead to loss of wealth, bad health and accidents. Try not to do any renovations or digging in this area. Another really bad area to have a main door and avoid any renovations is the South East between 142°- 158°  where the location of the Sui Po is for the year. It is a direct clash!

3 Killings section is in the part of the South West (232.6 – 247.5), West(252.6 – 277.5) and North West (292.6 – 307.5). Digging or renovations there, depends is not recommended as it can bring issues related to robbery, health and relationships.

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