Sydney storms & Feng Shui

Sydney storms

The North East sector this year is affected by the Malevolent # 5 (Lian Zhen) Flying Star. On 4th June was the last day the Monarch of Sickness #2(Ju Men) showed its power when combining with #5. The combination can bring death & destruction as a result of calamities.

This seem to have manifested unfortunately here in Sydney as on 4th-5th June 2016  the East coast of Australia was hit by wind and storm just on the last day the #2  was prevalent. This storm came from the North East to create so much destruction and death as well.

From 5th June, the Malevolent #5 moved to the East sector and the daily # on the 6th of June on the East is #2. The combination is still causing havoc in Tasmania where 2 people are missing.