What to look when buying property from Feng Shui perspective?

What to look for when buying a property from a Feng Shui perspective?

Back: Property should not be too exposed and would prefer to have higher background in the back as this relates to health and support from your family and peers. It is ideal to have mountains, hills and in the city, high buildings and even your neighbour’s house can act as support. If you do not have that, tall trees can help.
Front: For the front of the property, it is preferred to have an open area of more than 2-3 meters wide to allow the energy to settle before moving into the property. Preferably you do not want to have obstacles in the area like, shoes, clutter as it needs to be free flowing…. The energy passing through the house should not be too fast as if it is fast the energy will move to quickly and bypass the house. However you do not want to have the Entrance hidden and obscure as the Qi will not find you.
Sides: The buildings or height of the landforms on either side of the property should be balanced, that is the buildings or trees on the right and the left sides should be of similar heights as if they are not it can affect the dominance of either the males or the females living in the property.
Missing sections: Missing areas of the property or of the building are of concern too. These can have an impact on health and well being of the person that the area represents. The missing area represents organs and body parts as well so if the area is missing then there could be concerns relating to health.
Water: Swimming pools and external water features are also taken into the assessment as they could be in the wrong areas and can create issues relating both to health and wealth.
EMF: In the city, exposure to Electromagnetic fields are of concern too so you do not want to live too close to the big transmitting towers as it may cause health issues as EMF exposure to high voltage may cause issues relating to auto immune system.


Entrances – should not be too obscure; should not be covered too much with foliage; or confused where is the door! If it’s hard for someone to find, then most likely the energy will not be able to move in.
What is at the entrance? Things to avoid from the Main Entrance looking out are sharp objects directly facing the door, ugly objects, and tree trunks, anything that looks like its cutting into the Entrance. Telegraph poles and electrical boxes are also issues. If they can be covered or shielded from view then it should be ok.
Bedrooms – What is pointing at the room from the window view? Are telegraph poles, transmitting towers and even ugly features visible? If it can be shielded it should be ok. If shielding from Electromagnetic fields is needed, there are a few companies that sell protective fabrics.
Kitchens – the stove should not be in view of the front door or at the center of a property as they create health issues. Positions of stoves are important too as they can create great wealth but may cause health issues so this will need the services of a professionally trained consultant who knows those specific formulas to check and find solutions.
Bathrooms – toilets seats should not be directly from the front door or in any view at all. They should be hidden from view. Bathrooms should not be in the center of a property at all as well. Personal energies can be drained away and again you will need the services of a professional to check and find solutions.

Investment property:

It is important to look at these things even if you are buying for an investment as you will want tenants to have a harmonious home so that they can pay you the rent regularly and be good tenants.
Investments for properties:
Long term investments, you will have to look at properties in the Northern areas as from 2023, these areas will be more vibrant and will be receiving all the Qi from the South and these energies will be settling in the Northern areas. You would prefer have the doors facing the North and have the back sitting in the South.
Short term investment the South West is still vibrant but this will shift towards the North towards 2023 and definitely from 2024.

It is important to employ a professionally trained Feng Shui consultant as they can help with a lot of the solutions. Apart from the superficial and visible objects surrounding the house the consultant can assess the energies that the property has and verify whether these energies are positive or negative for a residence or whether there are concerns for a business.

The Association of Feng Shui Consultants (www.afsc.org.au) and the International Feng Shui Association (www.intfsa.org.au) has a list of professionally trained consultants. Their consultants have to meet a certain criteria before they can be listed in the Associations