Direction of property

Direction of property:

A property is built facing a certain direction and always built to face a road. This then is called the direction a property faces. This direction is used to measure the qualities of Qi that a property receives.

Facing direction of a house
Facing direction of a house

It would be between 0º to 360º. There is the North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West, all 8 sectors. This is where the BaGua derives its name. ‘Ba’ meaning 8 and ‘Gua’ Trigrams, a symbol of Taoist cosmology.

In any Feng Shui school these directions are then segmented into 3 sectors. So you will have the North, sector 1, sector 2 and sector 3, then North East sectors 1, 2 and 3 and so on. The directions will then be within each of these 24 sectors and this is called the 24 directions or 24 Mountains.

Each of these Mountains/Directions receives different types of Qi (lifeforce).

Knowing the correct direction is important as then one can know what energy the property is receiving and how this energy affect the people residing in the property.

Importance is also taken into consideration of what the property is used for: is it a residential property; a business property; or just a garage.

Incorrect measurement can affect the assessment of the energies of the building. It could mean activating the wrong energies and deactivating the right energies.

It could mean activating an area having issues like ill health when the area should have the issue deactivated.

Most important energy to assess are the wealth and health areas for a residential property.

Most prominent energy for a business is to locate the wealth sector. Activating these areas could increase the income/wealth for the occupiers of the property and promote good health.