Salt Water Cure

Salt water cures:

This easy to make remedy for all areas which have the Sickness and the Emperor Stars. These energies are both Earth elements. It relates as the name suggests to Sickness where if you spend too much time there you might be prone to have some health issues. The Emperor Star is one of the major stars that can cause set-backs, sicknesses, accidents and major problems wherever it is located.

Best remedy to deplete the energy is to place round metallic elements in the areas. There are specific iconic Chinese figurines which are made to deplete these energies. If Chinese figurines are not your thing, then you can use a salt water cure:-

In an empty jar or drinking glass, place 3 tablespoons of pure sea salt. Place 6 coins in a circle on top of the salt. Add water till half way up the container and place it in an area where the energy and do not disturb it. Discard the whole cure when no longer needed.