Clutter are items in your home/property that you have not used for more than 2 years. If none of the items hold fond memories nor do you have any attachment to them, then it is classified as clutter.

It is just occupying space and this would be classified as unwanted energy. The items are just there because you think you will or might use it again sometime in the future but not sure when?

This attachment can have a heavy unconscious effect on you as you are constantly looking at it and wondering what to do with it and on top of that it could be accumulating dust. The item has a tendency to hold you back and keep you locked in the past, creating stagnant Qi. It has the effect of clouding your thinking and therefore stops you from moving forward.

Imagine, you have had this outfit in your wardrobe that you wore 2 years ago but never wore it again, and it is sitting in your wardrobe taking up space and gathering dust. Or you have a small notebook laptop that you bought a few years ago but only used twice and have updated it since then, so its sitting in your drawer occupying space. Or you have a gadget in your kitchen that you bought but used once or twice in the last 3 years and its taking up space in your kitchen. You don’t want to get rid of them, but you really have no use for it or will probably never ever use it again as newer fashion, models or utensils comes up in the market. So what to do? This is actually clutter.

Visualise not having it and using that space for something brand new or better still making that space free for something else that you really want.  Give the unwanted objects to a charity organisation and I’m sure someone else would really want it and know the perfect place for it in their home. You know the saying “One man’s trash is another’s treasurer”. You will find that by getting rid of it, it will free up your space and most importantly free up your unconscious mind.

By removing the clutter, you will free up your energy to move forward and create opportunity for newer items. Newer fashion, newer equipment or even newer utensils or just clear open space.