Beds: Are a necessity!

It’s where we spend at least 6-8 hours sleeping and resting every night. When we sleep and rest, our cells regenerate themselves so that we can wake up feeling fresh and ready to start a brand new day.

Choosing the right type of bed therefore is vital as beds are not only for our rest but it also acts a support for our body. Hence having a comfortable and supportive bed makes a big difference, and having a bed head is also vital as it acts as support for the head, protecting from exposure to all sorts of elements.

Beds without bed heads may leave the head exposed and unprotected from the wall behind the bed. In many occasions there are wires that run behind walls where the bed is placed. There could be electrical appliances like a fridge or oven on the other side of the wall. All these may create issues when you try to sleep. With all the goings on behind and next to you, how can you get a good night’s sleep? And if your bed has just a flimsy wall between you and the fresh air on the other side, your head could be exposed without much protection.

A bed with a strong and solid bedhead is vital as it protects the head from all the exposures. It offers protection from the electrical wires, appliances on the other side of the wall and from a cold and damp wall.

Bed structures are important too. Did you know that Metal are conductors of electricity? So imagine if you have a mattress made of springs and worse still if the bed has a metal frame, all the electricity will be running around while you sleep. How could you rest and let alone your cells regenerate?  If your cells do notre-generate it may lead to immune deficiency and therefore susceptible to all sorts of illnesses.

A good bed should be made from good foam mattress with good solid wood as wood does not conduct electricity therefore it can protect from exposure to the elements.

And what is around the bed? Bedside tables with electric clocks, ipod stand and all sorts of wires under the bed! These may be exposed to Electric Magnetic Fields (EMF). Electric blankets with all the electricity and wires moving under you when you sleep may also contribute to a restless night’s sleep and your cells might not be able to fix themselves.

pink bedhead
Bed head protects you from the elements

Placement of bed: Placing the bed in a good solid wall is also important as it will give support for all activities. The bed should not be directly facing a door, but if it cannot be helped it, you can always use a screen. Best position would be directly opposite the door, but if you can’t help it, drop me a line and we can discuss solutions.

Bed placement
Bed placement adds support