Choosing an Auspicious Date for a Wedding ceremony

Choosing Auspicious Dates for a Wedding ceremony

Wedding Date Selection

Choosing auspicious Dates for Weddings may start the marriage on the right track!

What are the days to look out for?

  • Selecting Good Day from the Tong Shu or Tung Shing  (All knowing book attributed to the Yellow Emperor) will help.
  • Selecting a Day that should not clash with the 2 people getting married is good
  • Selecting a good Nobleman day to make the day go smoother
  • Should not select a Day which clashes with the Year
  • Should not select a Day which clashes with the Month

It does not mean if you do not choose a good day, the marriage will break up! Definitely not! But, having a good day may mean all the proceedings for the day,  hair appointments, church ceremony, photo session and wedding banquet will all go smoothly.