Year of the tiger

Year Of The Water Tiger

Another year is nearly over and a new one begins on 4th February 2022.

I hope most of you had as good year as possible due to the circumstances.

Although it was another year marred with lockdowns, it has been great year for learning online!

There have been so many opportunities even in the Feng Shui industry. Many Masters took their teaching on line and I was able to supplement my knowledge further with additional applications to help in my assessments all by sitting in my office.  Albert Einstein once said “if one ceases to learn, one ceases to grow”, so it has been a great year for learning and growth for me and hopefully for some of you who took this opportunity.

For those interested, I have updated my website and added a bit more content and will be trying to do more this year!

The new Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Year of

Yang Water Tiger begin on 4th February 2022 at 4:50am

As the chart of the Tiger Year shows, 2022 will be a year with lots of Wood and Water as Tiger’s main Qi/energy is Wood.

Wood represents growth and education and Water represents communication, movement and intelligence, so it means there will be lots of opportunity for growth and communication.

There are 4 Yang Wood element, 3 Yang Water meaning lots of strong Wood and Strong Water and the Day is Earth squashed in amongst them, so the Earth will not exert any power at all. There is an absence of Metal and only a bit of Fire hidden away.  

In terms of the influence of the Tiger in your Chinese Astrology chart, it could mean that those whose favourable elements are Water and Wood will have a much smoother and luckier year and those who’s unfavourable element is Wood and Water will be a bit more stressed and challenging.

The major effect will be the Tiger’s influence on those with Monkey in their charts. It may manifest in changes in your luck, career, and marital status or even with your investments. It could be negative or positive depending on how you see life. So there will be plenty of excitement coming up for the Monkey born.

To a minor extent other animals affected would be those born in the year of the Pig and the Snake. They will have some emotional issues. If you have a Snake together with a Monkey in your chart, please have a health check as together with the Tiger’s influence it may manifest in serious Heart issues.

To prevent any serious effect, those with a Monkey, or a Snake or a Pig in their chart consider doing a blood donation, or get a thorough dental cleanse or just do a blood test as a potential remedy to prevent the issues coming ahead.  The Chinese call it “Kai Sui Hei”

That’s my extent on warning on Chinese Astrology as there are too many other influences that may alter anyone’s fate as the Feng Shui of your home and work as well as your own personal actions and choices have strong influences on your luck as well.

The following is the map of the Flying Stars chart for the year:

It is classified as a Fu-Yin chart, meaning that all the Stars have returned to their own original location, which may mean that the energies are either stuck or doubly strong depending on what you have in your home’s Natal chart.

The area to look out for is the South West sector where those who sleep there may have their illnesses manifest and be more prone to being sick.

To mitigate this, place some metal ornaments there. You can place up to 6 Metal vases or bowls or even round metal balls, as long as it is made of pure metal like copper, brass, silver, gold or even stainless steel, the heavier the better for the effect.

If you’re hoping for a promotion or wishing there would be good news stay more often in the South. Activate it with a candle or even a red lamp.

For those that need artistic inspiration or a bit of romance stay in the South East and enhance the room with fresh flowers, but do not put too much as it may turn into an affair.

If you’re finding that you are having more arguments and conflicts than usual perhaps your East is affected, so place a large red rug somewhere in the area or a Himalayan salt lamp.

Those with money problems the North East has the wealth opportunities, perhaps staying there longer may help.

The usual Star of Peril #5 is not very strong this year like in 2021 it was in the South East. This year it is in the Centre so will not have a strong influence and may not create havoc as it usually does. So there will not be a need to fix it.

If your kids need to improve on their studies, put them in the North sector of your home for them to absorb the energy of intelligence this year.

If you find that you are trying to recover from a health issue, and usually not feeling well avoid the South West definitely and stay more often in the North West as the Flying Star #6 may be able to help you heal.

Be wary if the West is your main door as it may be prone to robberies. Apart from making sure it is well secured, place black pots with round leaved plants there to mitigate. 

Do not dig or renovate externally in the North East and the South West as they are the locations of Grand Duke and the Year Breaker, activating these areas will create health and wealth issues. The same applies to the North and a bit of the North West as they are the locations of the 3 Killings. If you need to please contact me for a special date to do it

In dealing with energies you must have the intention, hence when you activate these sectors make affirmations of the purpose and intent of what you are doing and what you desire and hopefully it will increase its purpose.

Feng Shui is not a religion but it is an art of harnessing the energies of the environment and using it to influence your life for the better. All the applications have been conceived by the ancient Chinese Masters through observation and influence of the environment and planets for thousands of years on the people. All the applications were developed as a result of these observations and practices.

In my experience with my clients, I have seen the effect on them when their environment is challenging and hence I am still continuing to study this fascinating art to find more ways of improvement.

Hoping you’ll have a great year ahead…

Prepared by Mater Lizette Akouri