2020 Year of the Metal Rat

2020 Year of the Metal Rat:

The Year of the Rat starts a brand new cycle in the Chinese Zodiac Animals.

Rats are charming people, quick to react to any situations and they show good judgement in the things they do. They are the logical type and adapt easily to situations. They tend to express themselves well and are good at spotting opportunities.  They are good planners and strategists as well.

How does the Rat interact with those born in other Zodiac Animals sign?

With the Ox, Dragon, Monkey and the Pig it has an affinity with them, so when they are together good events may happen.

With the Horse it tends to create mental and passionate relationship issues, like arguments and fights. Those born in the Year of the Horse may be prone to have some accidents and injuries resulting in the shedding of blood this year.

With those born in Rabbit years, there could be undercurrent sexual issues and may result in affairs and possible sexually related problems.

Zodiac Animals Outcome
Rat & Ox Harmonious
Rat & Tiger Not much issues
Rat & Rabbit Affairs, sexual issues
Rat & Dragon Should be Smooth
Rat & Snake No issues
Rat & Horse Accidents and injuries. Mental and passion issues
Rat & Goat Betrayal issues, Office politics and unappreciated
Rat & Monkey Harmonious
Rat & Rooster Relationship issues and betrayals
Rat & Dog No issues
Rat & Pig Good fortune
Rat & Rat Not smooth, up and down luck, set-backs, and a bit rough

The above lets you know what could have influence on you in the Year of the Rat; your luck depends on how the Rat interacts with your entire chart (see example). It may interact with your Year, Month, Day and Hour and may have different outcome.

And there are Feng Shui influences from your environment  

The most important thing to remember and help with overcoming issues are  to stay positive and be mindful of all your actions as good karma may help in overcoming bad luck.

Good luck!