Cosmic Trinity in Feng Shui

Cosmic Trinity in Feng Shui
Cosmic Trinity in Feng Shui

Cosmic Trinity in Feng Shui:

The Cosmic Trinity are the three Lucks we have in our lives.

It is how Heaven, Earth and Man are entwined to create the life of a person. It is the relationship between our fate and how it is influenced by our environment and our actions.

Each one of us has a Destiny to fulfill. How we succeed to manipulate this Destiny defines our success in life.

Our Destiny is given to us the minute we take our first breath. This is what in Chinese Metaphysical studies teaches and this is called Heaven Luck. This is our genetics, our past life history, the genes from our ancestors, and the actions of our ancestors. We cannot change what it has been given to us. However, we may be able to manipulate it with our actions in a way that we may increase our success in life.

This is done by using our Earth and Man Lucks.

Earth Luck is our environment, our city, our streets, our work, our home, our friends, our peers and the opportunities that come our way.

Man Luck is our actions, our education, our decisions, our charitable actions and karma.

Heaven Luck, together with our Earth Luck and Man Luck we can then take life into our own hands.

Luck has its ups and downs. Some may have better luck than others. By knowing what is happening in our Luck cycles, we can then manipulate it to suit us. This then may make the ride less bumpy but more smooth.

For example, if  you know you are going through wealth luck, and it is unfavorable to you.  Instead of putting all those thousands of dollars in an investment, keep it in a bank account where you might just be earning a lot less interest instead of investing it and losing it all.
Sometimes if you know you are going through a bumpy relationship time, lay low and not cause too much angst in your relationships.

Heaven Luck is plotted with a chart called Four Pillars of Destiny. In the chart you can see your life’s fortune. With this chart, your life’s Luck cycle is also plotted. A Feng Shui consultant who also has training in Chinese Astrology may help you decipher your life’s fate.

An example of what it looks like:

Man born on 1st April 1972 at 9am

Four Pillars of Destiny
Four Pillars of Destiny
Luck Cycle
Luck cycle in Chinese Astrology