Four Pillars of Destiny and your Lucks

Four Pillars of Destiny and your Lucks:

Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi is a Chinese Astrology chart that is created the minute you are borne. It foretells the path that your life will follow.

It’s what is termed as Heaven Luck. Straight from the chart, it can tell your relationship with your grandparents, parents, spouse and children. It tells what is your life’s focus, what are your favorable and unfavorable aspects, your yearly luck, your luck at different stages of your life, how people of different Chinese Zodiac signs may influence you, your health and if there are any health issues, which organ could be affected and much much more.
This chart is unchangeable, so is your destiny. “Luckily” it only influences 40% of your life as there are 2 other lucks that can help you change your destiny. Your Earth Luck and your Man Luck.
Earth Luck is determined by our environment, that is, the country, the area and the house we choose to live in; the politics of our time period; and the financial era we are in. The Feng Shui influence of your home and your working area accounts for around 30 % of your Luck.
Man Luck this is determined by how charitable we are, self-education and thoughts and deeds. This accounts for 30% of all the Luck.

Below is a Four Pillars chart of a Male born on 1st April 1972 at 9:00am
Four Pillars of Destiny
Four Pillars of Destiny

A short snippet of this person’s life: He was born in the Year of the Rat. His focus in life will be to be creative, however he may experience lots of competition in his life. His wife likes to control him which may be helpful as it gives him structure as otherwise he will be all over the place. His favorable elements are Earth, a bit of Metal and a bit of Fire to warm the chart. Wood should be favorable but he already has a lot of that, so he doesn’t need that, and he definitely does not
need that.

The elements can represent different things in his life: his relations, his career, his creativity, his leadership and goal aspirations, his wealth aspirations, and his resources and support in life.
This is just a small description of what you can read from the Four Pillars. From this they can derive the Luck cycles which change every 10 years. The Annual luck also influence his ‘lucky’ status.