Luck – Cause of Cancer could be bad luck

Luck – Cause of Cancer could be bad luck

In a recent study at John Hopkins University, January edition of the “Science” magazine it was found that some cancers may have been caused not by family history or environmental influence but because of ‘bad luck’.

This is an interesting finding as it correlates to the studies of Chinese Metaphysics.
In the study of both Feng Shui, one can actually foretell what bad energies influence a property, and with Chinese Astrology we can actually pinpoint when this bad luck can happen.

In Feng Shui a property has an inherent energy as soon as it’s built. Then every year there are Annual influences and together this can influence every occupant of the building. Using the movement of Time, one can predict when certain events can happen.

In the study of Chinese Astrology, once we take our first breath, our destiny is set. The Date and Hour of birth gives us the Four Pillars of our Destiny, which is a blueprint of our character and our luck path. The good and bad luck cycles are all set out in the Luck Cycles.

Some people are lucky enough to have good luck all through their lives. Hence their wealth can go from strength to strength, while others have up and down lucks both in health and in wealth.

Cancer may be predicted through the combination of an Annual influence, Luck Cycle and Natal chart combination. Example: if you were born in the Year of the Ox, and you have another element of the Dog in your personal chart, in the year of the Goat the Cancer may appear.

How can this be avoided? According to certain Masters, wearing certain pendants can help to deplete the strength of the bad luck for individuals. For the Feng Shui of a home certain elements can be used to deplete this energy. Trained consultants may help find the solutions.