Creative Feng Shui Consultation in Sydney and throughout Australia


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used extensively by the rich and famous to arrange an environment so that one can optimize the energies to create good health, create and improve wealth opportunities and create a peaceful environment to foster good relationships. It can be applied to any property whether it is used for a residence or a business.

Assessment includes landforms, the direction and location of the property, time it was built, and the location of the energies in the floor plan. Solutions are made to enhance all the good and positive energies and deplete all the negative energies by rearrangements of furniture and placing cures, and occasionally moving to another sector.

Some of the reasons why you would want to have your residence assessed by our Feng Shui specialist in Sydney or Australia:

Every time you walk through your main door, you could be carrying with you negative energy that could affect your wealth, your health and your relationships. The same applies where you sleep:

Money Issues and setbacks– Every time you walk through your main entrance you carry a certain type of energy with you. This can influence or support your money making abilities. You could be working 2 or 3 jobs but cannot see any savings? Why? There could be issues with the negative energies at your door. Allow our Feng Shui consultation services in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia to assess your space.

Health Sleeping in a negatively influenced bedroom can make you have mild or severe recurring illnesses that somehow you cannot recuperate from, however many times you see a doctor. Continuously sleeping in a room with negative energies does not help the body recharge and create immunity to fight all sorts of illnesses that you may catch.

Relationships Negative energies can influence more arguments and conflicts in a property. The more you spend time there the more the fights. A home is supposed to be a peaceful refuge where the family should live peacefully. Having the influence of negative energy can destroy your haven.

Legal issues and robberies There are also energies which can make a place be more inclined to influences of robberies whether physical or intellectual. It can also cause issues with the law where you may be more prone to getting parking tickets or other more serious legal issues.

For a business, these are the reasons why you would want to have your business assessed by our Feng Shui consultants in Australia:

The Main Entrance or the sector where the decision makers are sitting could be experiencing negative energies which may create –

  • Inadequate sales figures
  • Robberies
  • Legal issues
  • Staff issues

Our Feng Shui specialist solutions may enable:

  • Increased health,
  • Increased income,
  • Boost children’s studies,
  • Improve relationships,
  • Increase creativity,
  • Improve career prospects,
  • Increase wellness,
  • Increase of sales for a business

Our specialist consultant can offer solutions which could be the simple movement of beds, desks, furniture, placement of remedies at specific areas and occasionally relocation of the sleeping areas and doors. Remedies can be from conventional Traditional Chinese symbols which can be purchased from a Feng Shui shop in most Chinatown or internet, or it can also be from ordinary items made from the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. All solutions are based on the theory of the flow of energy around the property and balancing the Yin areas with the Yang areas to create harmony.

Feng Shui is a holistic and subtle approach to optimize an environment to promote and create:

Good Health, Increased Wealth, Success & Good Fortune.

For information on the assessments our specialists can offer in Sydney or throughout Australia, call us on 0400 664 778.